Dog & Bone LockSmart Mini

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A patented-1st keyless Bluetooth padlock with more security and features than the traditional lock. Open, share 'virtual keys' instantly and remotely, and track - no more keys! For lockers, sheds, gates, bikes and more!

No more keys!

We’ve all been there before – lost or misplaced a key. Right?

No more! Simply download the app, pair it with LockSmart Mini and you’re done! Through low energy Bluetooth, any compatible smartphone* acts as the key.

Safe & Secure.

We know security is important to you. LockSmart Mini enjoys cyber security comparable to a bank! No keys to lose nor mistakenly end up in the wrong hands, yet the highest Bluetooth security standard –128-bit. Define your own encryption security levels. Choose to unlock by Touch ID, tapping the icon or passcode. 

Shared access.

Your gardener has arrived. But your gate is locked and neither you nor your ‘keys’ are home! Easy! 

Share access to your keyless Bluetooth lock with the press of a button. Better still, you can share access with multiple users. Got the pool cleaner coming tomorrow? Or a house guest? Or need a friend to grab books from your locker? Not a problem. Share access instantly, and remove access just as easily – without any physical keys to track down or collect. 


Enjoy trackable keyless security. Track who has accessed your lock and when. View all activity in your trackable LockSmart app displaying user name, date and time of use. 

Long Lasting.

No need to replace batteries! Powered by a custom cell lithium-ion battery, you can enjoy up to two years power or as many as 3,000 ‘opens’ before re-charging! Then, simply re-charge via micro USB. 


Rain, hail, snow, or shine, your LockSmart Mini padlock is weatherproof. Use your lock in temperatures from -20 to +70 degrees celcius.