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WeBoost Home MultiRoom In-Building Signal Booster Kit

WeBoost Home MultiRoom In-Building Signal Booster Kit

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The weBoost Home Multi Room cell signal booster enhances cell coverage for up to 3 large rooms. The Stylish MultiRoom-exclusive Inside Antenna will work with any contemporary interior.

 The weBoost Home MultiRoom is an ideal solution for up to 3 large rooms. Offering 65 dB in max gain the Home MultiRoom provides faster data speeds, better voice quality, fewer dropped calls and better streaming and works with all Canadian carriers. Featured are the fabric-covered inside panel antenna, with built-in kickstand, and custom wall-mount brackets (with 3M Command TM Strips) for an easy install.

The Outside Directional Antenna is made to fit an antenna pole or clamp to a home’s rooftop vent pipe.

• Boosts voice & data signals
• Works with all Canada’s major networks
• Stronger cellular signal in your home, cabin or workspace
• Works with virtually all smartphones and mobile hotspots
• 75 Ohm Outside Directional Antenna pulls in cell signal with increased gain
• Easy wall mount of booster and inside antenna with brackets and 3M Command Strips
• Antenna also has a kickstand to set on shelf
• Stylish finishes to fit in with contemporary home decor
• 2 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee


Home MultiRoom, Outside Directional Antenna (314445), Fabric Inside Panel (314440), Power Supply (850018), 15’ (x2) (YX030-15W) and 30’ Cables (950630), Flat Window (951177), Outside Antenna Mounting Bracket, Wall Mount Brackets w/ Command Strips, Cable Mounting Clips (x15).

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